Commercial storage for short and long-term

Commercial storage

Our commercial storage containers are excellent for storing things such as stock and office equipment. Contact Coast Containers in North Wales today to book your storage space right away.

You will also be given a key that allows only you to get into your storage container, whenever you want, 24 hours a day.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Coast Containers self storage we offer different sizes of self storage units.

5ft Mini Self Storage Container (40sqft) 8ft x 5ft– ideal for a garden shed.
8ft Small Self Storage Container (64sqft) 8ft x 8ft – ideal for a 1 – 2 bedroom house or flat.
10ft Midi Self Storage Container (80sqft) 8ft x 10ft – ideal for a 2 – 3 bedroom house.
20ft Medium Self Storage Container (160sqft) 8ft x 20ft – ideal for a 3 – 4 bedroom house.
40 ft Large Self Storage Container (320sqft) 8ft x 40ft – ideal for a 5 – 6 bedroom house.

But there’s no need to stress if you book a self storage unit for a house move and it turns out too big or too small – if we have availability you can downsize to a smaller unit or upgrade to a bigger one, it’s no problem at all.

There is no limit to how long you can rent the storage box.

Our minimum length contract for a self storage unit is only one month, giving you ultra flexibility and ease. Payments are on a rolling monthly basis, you can cancel or change details at any time.

The site is open from 6am to 9pm, 365 days a year. The site is floodlit so you can still access in the winter months.

Yes. We have customers who store cars and motorbikes in boxes. Some boxes have better access for storing a car than others, give us a call to check what we have available.

Clearly label boxes to stay organised.
Store heavy and bulky items at the back of the unit.
Do not store anything that is damp in the box, as they will go mouldy and mould will spread to other items.
Keep an aisle for easy access so you can move between items.
Put your most frequently used items at the front of your unit.
Keep tools handy – you may need them.
Utilise the full height of containers – store upwards, not outwards.
Drain all white goods before storing.
Make a blueprint map or inventory of ‘what’s where’ in the unit.

We provide a padlock and key, which we ask to be returned at the end of your contract.

We require a direct debit mandate to be completed on signup. We take the first payments from your card after key handover, and then your monthly charge will be paid by direct debit.

Need Storage Space?

Availability enquiries are strictly an online process only.

Click the 'AVAILABILITY ENQUIRY' button, answer a couple of questions, we will check our booking system and let you know straight away if we have availability.


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Why Choose Our Containers?

• Weather resistant, meaning they will keep everything protected

• They come in multiple sizes, which include 8ft, 10ft, 20ft and 40ft

• All are set securely within a CCTV premises

• A secure locking system on each container



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Need Storage Space?


Click the 'AVAILABILITY ENQUIRY' button, answer a couple of questions, we will check our booking system and let you know straight away if we have availability.